omg high schoolers are so annoying

this girl had a little bag of sour patch kids, and she was sharing them with her friends, and one of her stupid friends was like, ‘so is this sugar on the outside of them? i just wanna know what it’s made of’ like who the hell hasn’t had sour patch kids before. this isn’t your first time. why are you making it sound like you’re about to eat some kind alien food? if you don’t want to eat sugar, why did you accept the sour patch kid? if you wanna know what it’s made of, you literally had your whole life to look it up. you’re constantly on your phone. use it for something useful

also, i hate when they go to mcdonalds or subway, and literally while they’re in the restaurant, they talk about how disgusting the food is. like if it’s so disgusting, don’t go there. if you don’t like the way the cheese looks when you toast your sub, don’t get it toasted. don’t just sit there and complain about things when you literally made all those choices.

me looking at bias


you know those friends who try to one-up you on everything you say… chill…. all i said was it’s my dad’s birthday…. no need to tell me about that time your dad took you to the bahamas to swim with dolphins while you jet-skied into the sunset

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